Hike Arden Point, Hudson Valley

Garrison, NY has the coolest train station, while you’re waiting to depart – if you take a trip up from NYC, there is an amazing hike that leaves right from the parking lot. The trails at Arden Point [96 Lower Station Rd, Garrison, NY 10524] are so awesome and unique, from the very start to finish.

Paths are well maintained and easy to navigate.

Start down the main trail and right away there are some neat ruins.

A rusted over fridge sits in front of an old structure.

The whole scene is entangled in vines.

Keep your eyes peeled for more as you continue along your way.

When you reach the bridge over the train tracks, cross it.

A little loop circles Arden Point and there are some spectacular views into the Hudson River.

Upon completion head back over the bridge and go further down the line. A little spur leads up to a mighty fine gazebo.

Take a turn into an unexpected bamboo forest.

Pop back out into a populated area with an overlook and a brick building, then duck back into the woods on a meticulously well maintained path cuts through some low deep green brush.

Descend into the quieter forest where few other hikers decide to continue. Climb up and down the rolling hills leading to some interesting vistas.

End at a subdued platform with a quirky tree sticking out of the center.

You can loop, or take it back the way you came. This is a truly eclectic trail with so many interesting elements, perfect for city slickers to take a hike in nature or an easier trail for those around the Hudson Valley. Total hiking did not exceed three miles.

Good to know:

*Parking is free at the train station on the weekends

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