Hike up Ninham Fire Tower, Hudson Valley

Even on a cold winter day, the hike to Ninham Fire Tower is a perfect choice. To get to the fire tower – directly from the parking lot head behind the big yellow gate with a stop sign.

Not the path behind the trailhead like I did! Though those are lovely wooded trails – you could extend your hike thereafter, we have a destination in mind. The gravel path beyond the gate meanders up to the tower, a 400’ climb.

The hike roundtrip is 1.5 miles, a nice shorter choice for a good airing out. There are some intriguing stone compartments along the way.

At the top you’ll find the tower standing tall, climb on up!

360 degrees of quiet natural beauty, you can’t beat this view.

Many fire tower cabins are targets of graffiti, some not so chaste – but ever so often you’ll find a nice quote or a pretty little ditty.

I enjoyed this sketch of a mountainous sunset, or rise. If you’re looking for an easier hike, even your grandma could handle this well maintained path!

Good to know:

*From Gipsy Trail Road, Kent NY turn onto Mt. Nimham Ct and the parking lot is at the end of the line

*Parking is free

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  1. julieovaltrades says:

    I can get behind that enthusiasm. I also saw a Tolkien quote one time that made me smile!

  2. Perhaps the best graffiti I ever saw in a fire tower cab was where someone had carved “Yeah, hiking!”, and then another hiker had bold-faced it with red paint.

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