Visit General Washington’s Headquarters in Newburgh, NY

During the last years of the Revolutionary War, General George Washington was stationed out of Newburgh, NY for 16 ½ months – it was the longest he stayed at any headquarters during the war. On the grounds, the view from the property is scenic and strategic – located close to West Point.

The home in which he stayed along with an incredible museum are open for tours at the Washington’s Headquarters State Historic Site [84 Liberty St. Newburgh, NY 12551]. Tickets are purchased inside of the museum and while you wait for your guided tour, there are two floors of self-guided exhibits with over 1,300 artifacts. There are hundreds of time period swords and weaponry, including examples of the large iron chain that stretched across the River to deter British ships from getting up river, locks of George Washington’s hair, period clothing, and a gold pocket watch worn by Martha Washington. It’s very fun and interactive opening the many drawers to discover more relics. If you are very interested in something, take note of the number next to the object and type it in to one of the digital pads to learn more. When it is time for your tour groups are lead through the house by a guide – ours was absolutely wonderful. The Hasbrouck House dating from 1725 was owned by a Dutch family who moved out when the Washington’s, their officers, slaves, and servants moved in.

The home has a huge Dutch Jambless fireplace and a temporary kitchen was built for the Continental Army upon their arrival. Inside are many period furnishings, including a desk used by Washington. There are many objects you can interact with, including putting on a generals jacket – so heavy and woolen, which would be worn year round, and laying on a mattress made of straw. This house was home to many important American moments. It was here that Washington refused to be a monarch. Here that he prevented the military control of the government, known as the Newburgh Conspiracy. And here that he created the forerunner of the Purple Heart, which was called the Badge of Military Merit. Touring the home and museum is an incredible experience for American history enthusiasts, which tells of our proud heritage in this country.

Good to know:

+Admission is $4, $3 for seniors/students, 12 and under free

+No photography inside the museum or house

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  1. julieovaltrades says:

    Thanks for the tip!! Will check it out sometime.

  2. In your photo of the lawn, river and mountains, that building at center with the red roof on it is the Newburgh Brewing Company. They make some of the best beer in the Hudson Valley. Visit it next time you’re in town.

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