Hike Madam Brett Park to Denning’s Point, Hudson Valley

While other trailheads in the area are brimming with cars and commotion, Madam Brett Park is quiet and relaxed.

So much so that when I was driving to the parking lot, I almost thought I was going the wrong way. Everything was all good and the trails were very well maintained and simple to understand. This is a very diverse hike with ruins, wildlife, vistas, and even a waterfall – all on very easy walking terrain. First I headed upstream on a short out and back spur – the end point a surprisingly awesome Tioronda Falls.

Carefully shimmy over the rusting dam equipment to get a better look at the waterfall.

Sitting out on the rocks below a warm day is incredibly serene.

On the way back I spotted a fuzzy caterpillar and heard the melody of many singing birds.

Past the parking lot again, stroll onto the boardwalk in the opposite direction – where the main meat of this hike takes place.

It passes by some pretty messy ruins which are gated off, with no trespassing signs.

The decaying foundation of what were once warehouses, powered by the nearby falls. Down the path, a quick hop onto the red trail is easy to miss. It loops back onto the main trail so you can grab it later on your way back.

If you don’t take it, you won’t see the hushed wetlands scene.

Midday is not prime for bird watching, but I can imagine this is a hot spot early in the morning or at dusk. When you do reach the main trail again, there will a nice partial view.

The trail becomes paved and passes by some train tracks. When a junction appears, be sure to take a left over the bridge.

Notice a defunct railroad track, with eerie greens slowly reclaiming the land.

Follow the signs towards Denning’s Point, clearly marked.

Soon you will notice some ruins on your left, take the turn to explore them more carefully.

As you round the corner you can enter what was once an active brickyard.

Head back from this urban exploration spur to the main trail and continue on towards this gorgeous view out into the Hudson Highlands.

From this point hop onto the loop trail around the perimeter of Denning’s Point which juts out into the Hudson River. In the woods you’ll find more ruins

and various vistas.

After completion of the loop, head back the way you came.

Good to know:

*Parking is free

*Hike is approximately 4 miles round trip

*Alternatively, you could start this hike from Dennings Ave in Beacon NY

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4 Responses to Hike Madam Brett Park to Denning’s Point, Hudson Valley

  1. julieovaltrades says:

    I’m with you! Hope you get to experience it soon, such a great place.

  2. Debbie L says:

    We love solitude on our hikes. This is one for us!

  3. julieovaltrades says:

    Love all this information! It’s a real gem for a more relaxed hike, and Beacon is one of my favorite Hudson Valley towns.

  4. This is at the mouth of Fishkill Creek, which centuries ago was called “Tioronda” by the native American tribes. Dennings Point is a terrific place to view the Hudson River at surface level.
    And Beacon is a terrific place to get great food and beer. 🙂

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