Woodlawn Duckpin Bowling, Connecticut

I’m not one for regular 10-pin bowling, I have other preferred methods of staying busy and active. However, when I hear there is an off the beaten path, regional variation on the old game, my interest is most certainly piqued. Duckpin bowling is a tradition primarily on the east coast, concentrated in the state of Connecticut. Woodlawn Duckpin Bowling [240 Platt Ave, West Haven, CT 06516] has been open since 1954 offering the game, one of the first of its kind with an automatic pinsetter.

We visited during a birthday party, where the lights become glow in the dark.

So what is different about duckpin, than 10-pin? First of all and most noticeably, the bowling ball is much smaller (just bigger than a softball and only 3lbs!), with no holes. You get three rolls per frame and the scoring is a bit different.

The pins are arranged the same, however they are shorter, smaller, and lighter making it more difficult to strike. This method of bowling was quite difficult to get a handle on, my group welcomed the challenge. The novelty of duckpin bowling is fantastic and if you haven’t bowled in a while like myself – it’s really fun and different. On the flip side, if you are an avid bowler, it is also exciting to change it up!

Good to know:

*Lanes are $20 an hour, bring friends to split the charge, up to 5 people

*Shoes are $2.50 per person

*Cash only

*There is a pinball machine in the little arcade

Interested in other bowling variations?

*Try out Candlepin bowling, popular in Massachusetts

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