Nepean Point, Ottawa, Canada

The best view in Ottawa is right in the heart of downtown, and it doesn’t take much effort to reach it.

Nepean Point panoramic view overlooks the Ottawa River, Parliament Hill, and Alexandra Bridge.

Atop the hill is a statue of Samuel de Champlain, the father of New France. In 1613, this intrepid explorer navigated the river below which allowed Europeans to settle the area.

To get there, climb up the short and clear paved path behind the National Gallery of Canada. Don’t miss Maman, the giant spider out guard in front of the building. She has 26 marble eggs in her abdomen, try and count them all! Or quicken up your pace if you have arachnophobia.

There are other neat sculptures around the art museum – so walking around the grounds is interesting.

The museum is expensive to visit though surely worth it, but if you happen to be around on a Thursday the museum is always free on that day from 5–8 pm.

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