Fritomania is the Best Poutine in Ottawa, Canada

Possibly the best poutine on the planet, definitely the best I have ever eaten. Fritomania [2442 St Joseph Blvd, Orléans, ON K1C 1E9, Canada] is a little roadside shack that’s been open for over 50 years, right outside the city and well worth the adventure out of the capital.

Service is ultimately friendly and greets with a smile – order at the counter or call in. Potatoes are fried in peanut oil – making them super delicious, gravy is homemade. The food comes out steaming hot in a takeout container, no frills.

Portion sizes are so large, a small will do the job and then some – a real score at under $5. Add-ins such as fried mushrooms, bacon, and chicken enhance the dish – other options include burgers, chicken fingers, sausage, and hot dogs.

Good to know:

+Ample parking in the private lot

+Primarily a takeout place with just a few seats inside

+Cash only

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2 Responses to Fritomania is the Best Poutine in Ottawa, Canada

  1. julieovaltrades says:

    Yes! All about the dives. They don’t need bells and whistles to convince everyone how amazing the food is, it speaks for itself!

  2. ThePittStops says:

    Can I just say Fritomania looks like my kind of place! Unassuming, but delicious! I love these hidden gems!

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