Eat Beavertails in Canada

There is nothing more Canadian than eating a lightly fried beavertail. They are so good, even vegetarians are doing it! No, I’m not talking about the dam building semiaquatic rodent that happily makes its home throughout the country – but the delicious pastry that resembles its flat tail. It’s a playful snack that spread nationwide – but got its start in the capital city of Ottawa, in 1978. Embrace your inner-tourist head to the nearest location. I chose the Beavertails [69 George Street Ottawa, Ontario K1N 1K1] in Byward Market to kill two birds with one stone. Gnawing on a fantastic dessert and experiencing the exciting neighborhood market.

The pastries are made with whole wheat and freshly stretched right before you. Plenty of toppings are available depending on your taste, ranging from maple spread, to cheesecake, and my personal choice: the killaloe sunrise.

A simple cinnamon sugar coating with just a bit of acidity from a lemon squeeze, it makes all the difference! Addictively delicious.

Other offerings include poutine, beaver bites, beaver dogs – no actual beaver meat is on the menu!

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