Grand Pre National Historic Site, Nova Scotia

If you’ve ever read the epic poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Evangeline, you will know the plight of the Acadian people. If you are not familiar or you are interested in learning deeper about the topic, Grand Pre National Historic Site [2205 Grand Pre Rd, Grand Pre, NS B0P 1M0, Canada] is a very informative site. Grand Pre is French for great meadow, the land is a UNESCO World Heritage site. First head inside the museum and consider reading through the panels, watching the film, or taking a guided tour.

You will quickly learn that the Acadians came from France and settled in Grand Pre, Nova Scotia in 1682. They dealt with geographic challenges, including the world’s highest tide, and created dyke systems that remained for hundreds of years. War broke out between Britain and France. The Acadians whose heritage was French, though they were living on British land, were caught in the middle unwilling to commit to one side or the other. In 1755 the British made the decision to deport the Acadians, neutralizing any military threats. Over 10,000 Acadians were forced from their homes, many dying from drowning, starvation, and exposure. Families torn apart, never to meet again. Villages were burned to the ground to ensure their inhabitants would never return. The Acadian Diaspora touched three continents and left three million descendants today. Some fled to Louisiana – where Acadian was shortened to Cadien, also known as Cajun. Outside notice the French williows, the Victorian gardens, the duck pond, and the statue of Evangeline.

Though fictitious, the poem follows the heroine who was a part of the deportation and the popular story spread the history around the world.

Good to know:

+Museum is seasonal

+Admission is free in 2017, for Canada Year


+Grand Pre View Park, Old Post Road, Grand Pre, NS, Canada

Take in the sprawling sight of the landscape which was home to the Acadian people. On a sunnier day this would be a perfect spot for a picnic!

+Grand Pre Winery, 11611 Hwy 1, Grand Pre, NS B0P 1M0, Canada

Oenophiles wont want to miss tasting the unique wine of Nova Scotia. This vineyard tailors its grapes to the local soil and oceanic climate. Tours are available, you can have a bite at the onsite restaurant, or go for a grapely ghost walk.

+Tangled Garden, 11827 Hwy 1, Grand Pre, Bay of Fundy & Annapolis Valley

Visit a gift shop with herb jellies and rose petal ice-cream alongside a garden with sculptures and a wildflower labyrinth.

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