Point Pleasant Park, Halifax Nova Scotia

I can never resist a slice of nature in the city, and Point Pleasant Park [5718 Point Pleasant Drive Halifax, NS B3H 1B5 Canada] has got a little something for everyone. There are over 20 miles of trails for hiking, biking, running, and dog walking – many of them blissfully forested and some are even paved.

Find your way out to a secluded vista looking out at the inlet.

There is even a little sandy beach with a sailor’s memorial. Actually, there is quite a bit of history to uncover within the park. The Prince of Wales Tower built in 1796 is the oldest Martello tower in North America, there were once 200 of them built by the British Empire. They were designed from a tower in Corsica that defended against British attack for days.

The preserved ruins of early Fort Ogilvie and multiple batteries are scattered throughout the park. You can learn about the land before European contact at the Mik’maq first nations cultural site. Art lovers are not forgotten to this space. For over twenty years in an outdoor amphitheater, Shakespeare by the Sea Theatre Company have performed in the park. Parking is free and ample, there are restroom facilities, and a snack bar. This is a local experience, enjoy a day in the life of Haligonians.

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  1. julieovaltrades says:

    Yes! Wish I had more time, that’s always the thought, though.

  2. There is so much nature in Halifax. And history.

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