King of Donair, Halifax Nova Scotia

If you eat one thing in Halifax, make sure it’s a donair, a regional dish the city is proud of. The first place to serve it up was King of Donair opened in 1973, still ever as popular today.

There are multiple locations throughout the city. This is a no-frills kind of place, similar to a pizza parlor. Actually, they sell that too – but keep your eyes on the prize. So, what exactly is a donair?

It’s similar to a gyro, but tweaked with a controversial sweet sauce. Love it or hate it, you simply have to try it. The pita is warm, donair meat cut hot, onions, tomatoes are fresh, and the sweet sauce is suit the dish just right.

Hooked? The restaurant also prepares donair sub, donair egg rolls, and donair poutine. Another regional dish you can sample here are garlic fingers.

A doughy base with garlic spread and mozzarella cheese, it comes with donair sauce. The sweet and savory combo is supreme, a perfect way for people to enjoy the donair craze who don’t eat meat. This is a popular take out place, but there are seats to enjoy your meal in house as well.

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