Experience The Halifax Waterfront, Nova Scotia

The Halifax Waterfront is a must see when visiting the city, better crafted and more entertaining than most.

The boardwalk is long, 2 ½ miles or 10 city blocks, brimming with restaurants, galleries, shops, farmers market, and casino.

+Spy a lighthouse

Georges Island sits in the middle of the harbor, it was a part of the Halifax defense complex. It’s cheerful lighthouse is a lovely sight from the boardwalk. The island is not open to the public at this time.

+Swing in a hammock

There are few and they are coveted. If you snag one of the merry orange hammocks consider yourself lucky.

+Spot Theodore Too

An imitation tugboat based on a TV character gives tours of the harbor. Just seeing it underway is enough to crack a smile.

+Eat Cow’s ice cream

A small Canadian franchise that makes utterly delicious ice cream. As soon as you walk in you are hit with the intoxicating smell of freshly baked waffles. Watch as the cones are shaped before your eyes. Picking from the flavors is the hardest part, we wanted to stay as Canadian as possible going for Cownadian Maple and PEI Strawberry.

Really superb, and the memories are even sweeter eating overlooking the water. There are multiple locations in the city.


+Find the lopsided lamp posts

Named ‘The Way Things Are’ by Chris Hanson and Hendrika Sonnenberg who excel at transforming familiar objects in unfamiliar ways.

+Locate a painting by Maud Lewis

There are many framed paintings along the boardwalk, my favorite was of a pair of cows by local folk artist.

+Climb the wave

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I know it says not to, but rules are meant to be broken – right? Plus all the cool kids were doing it. The surface is surprisingly grippy, even if you loose your momentum. After you make it to the top, slide on down!


+Canadian Museum of Immigration

From 1928 to 1971 many immigrants entered Canada through Pier 21, follow the stories of new comers to Halifax.

+Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

Learn about the marine culture of Nova Scotia from steamships to WWII convoys, and the cities link to the Titanic.

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