Croatan National Forest, North Carolina

If you’re road tripping to the Outer Banks, or want to take a day trip while visiting, there are many National Wildlife Refuges and a National Forest close by with a range of outdoor recreational opportunities.

Boardwalks through the marsh take you through a nutrient dense landscape filled with biodiversity.

The Tideland National Recreation Trail at Cedar Point Campground has two trail options depending upon time or ability, there is a .6 accessible or 1.3 mile loop.

Walk above the salt marsh and listen to the click clacking of the critters below. Sight periwinkles at low tide.

If you hear a shrill cry, follow your ears with your eyes and find an ospreys nest in the distance.

Bright green lizards may make an appearance as well.

This wetland and the White Oak River is also a perfect place for a paddle, when the tide is right.

The long trail enters the woods, now a different set of creatures present themselves. Songbirds were active early in the morning, and we were happy to see a few bunnies – especially because it was Easter.

Camping is an option if you want a longer stand in this wonderful area.

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