Art around town in Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville has got personality. It is a mountain town with soul that pours out of every orifice. You only need to walk around town to see. There are murals all over the place.

My favorite is under the bridge where Broadway and N Lexington Ave meet. You’ll see plenty of different works, but I’m all about the Carolina Northern Flying Squirrel one.

It first is a colorful and eye drawing piece, but in a small blurb tells of a creature whose habitat is shrinking, endangered, and in need of help. Someone like batman, illustrated in West Asheville.

There are historical monuments and sculptures scattered all throughout the city. I always loved passing the Cat Walk on Wall St, once an alleyway used for deliveries between buildings accessed by footbridge, aka a cat walk!

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Another sculpture away from downtown in a quiet neighborhood is in the Burton Street Community Peace Garden. You would only find this if you were looking for it, but the man with a gun in one hand, flowers in the other, riding a pig is an oddity worth seeking out.

We’ve talked about other places for art inside as well. The Folk Art Center – a great mix of local heritage art for viewing and purchasing on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Woolworth Walk is right downtown and has an eclectic array of local artists work on display interesting to browse as a gallery, but everything is up for purchase as well.

You can get a nostalgic old fashioned soda there as well!

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  1. julieovaltrades says:

    I hope you do 🙂 Looooove Asheville!

  2. SQUIRRELS!! and old fashioned soda. I definitely need to visit! 😀

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