The Bagel Nook, New Jersey

I’ve been into one kind of bagel my entire life, the everything. I’m blessed to live in a bagel wonderland and I don’t have to go very far to get one that is exceptional. I rarely stray, however, I heard of something exciting enough to lure me away from my traditional haunts. Over the border, and into an unsuspecting strip mall of New Jersey I discovered The Bagel Nook [51 Village Center Dr, Freehold, NJ 07728]. They are known for over the top outrageous bagel combinations of bagels and micro batch cream cheese.

You can choose from bagel flavors including cinnamon toast crunch, dorito, fruity pebbles, and tie-dye.

Colorful cream cheese flavors include nutella, french toast, cannoli, and churro as some of their exciting sweet options.

You can go buckwild and try out a bagel overload such as the oreo bagel with oreo cream cheese topped with…you guessed it! Oreos. Or the fruity pebble bagel with birthday cake cream cheese topped with strawberries. I decided to make my own combinations using a captain crunch bagel and cotton candy cream cheese, and a flaming cheetos bagel with bacon cheddar jalapeno cream cheese. The line was long but it moved fast and before I knew it, these stunning dough bombs were at my fingertips.

The flavors, the colors, the fun! The shop is open for breakfast and lunch from 6-3 daily, get them while they’re hot.

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