Exploring Bushwick, Brooklyn NY

One of my favorite attributes about Brooklyn is its vibrant street art scene, whether it’s colorful murals, spray paint messages on the sidewalk, or new little decals that are popping up.

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If you’re hunting around for the best in town, a concentrated couple of streets called the Bushwick Collective [St Nicholas Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237] is the place to go. An eclectic array of talented works, ever changing and always interesting.

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Less than half a mile away is a great restaurant serving traditional Ethiopian cuisine, Bunna Café [1084 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237].

I love the relaxed environment and the artistic décor.

This is an extremely affordable spot, if you come with a friend lunch for two is $15 and totally filling. You’ll get eight dishes of dream worthy vegetarian food, including yellow split peas, steamed collards, sautéed beats, red lentils, and kale salad.

The flavors are all so unique, each dish was incredible. If you’re new to Ethiopian dining, you don’t eat with a fork or knife, but with pieces of injera bread.

Normally I drink water, but I really liked the drink selection. There is t’ej, an Ethiopian golden honey wine and a lot of creative cocktails, but I was enticed by the non-alcoholic drinks. A gorgeous layered drink called espris has bright bands of mango, avocado, and papaya – but I didn’t want anything too sugary at the moment. Ethiopians are known for their coffee, and the restaurant actually has coffee ceremonies frequently in the evening – but I didn’t want more caffeine in my day though my friend thoroughly enjoyed her cup.

I was all about the decaf iced tea infused with fresh thyme and ginger, totally thirst quenching on a hot summers day. What are your favorite spots in the Bushwick neighborhood?

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