Food Courts of NYC

Food courts are great for groups with different tastes or people trying to taste a lot of different dishes in a short amount of time. There are plenty to choose from in New York City, if you’ve already been to the popular Chelsea Market – why not try a different spot!

Hudson Eats, Brookfield Place, 200 Vesey St, New York, NY 10080

A stunning space with high ceilings, palm trees, and views out into the river, close to the Freedom Tower.

You’ll find all different types of cuisines, Mexican, BBQ, Italian, Cambodian, and even a tartinery. What I love is that there are healthy options that don’t sacrifice taste. Dig Inn Seasonal Market was my choice for lunch. Make your own marketplate by choose a protein, base, and two sides.

The salmon was perfectly dressed, as were the greens, it was a delicious and memorable meal.

Food Gallery 32, 11 W 32nd St, New York, NY 10001

Korean pop and kimbap, transport yourself to the far east at this food court right near the Empire State Building. There are three floors of vendors, but note that the second/third floor seating is much less crowded and the AC seemed to cooler higher up!

You’ll find a good variety of options, while the food is mostly Korean there are also Chinese, Japanese, and Hawaiian influences. Order and receive a buzzer, great for being able to hop from spot to spot trying different dishes – and all the food comes out relatively at once. Whenever I see kimbap I always go for it, so Gochujang was the first stall on my list. The veggie and tuna rolls were a rainbow of delight, packed and filling. They came with a little side of soup. Seoul Food was next up and they served a lot more food than expected! The garlic chicken and kimchee dumplings would have been enough for the two of us to be full for the night! They were great, paired with some miso, pickled radish, and kimchee.

If you come for nothing else, do dessert here! Do your best to pass by Red Mango, taiyaki, and churros to head to the third floor where Dessert Spot is. You have to try the harvest!

I wasn’t sure if it would be a gimmick, a ‘plant’ packaged in a terracotta pot. It really tasted fantastic though. Pour the milk tea ‘water’ into the cookie crumble ‘soil’ with a cheesecake ‘bedrock’ for a seriously fantastic bite. The sorbet and fruit juice spread were KILLER and reminiscent of pop rocks. This was one of the most fun, interactive, and tasty dishes I’ve had in quite some time. Open from lunch to late!

Eataly, 200 5th Ave New York, NY 10010

Gelato, pappardelle, rose. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find amore. The largest Italian marketplace has two locations in NYC and around the world (from Italy to Japan). I visited the venue by the Flatiron Building and can’t wait to go back. There are many vendors, grocery and restaurants, with a lot of variety. Beautiful pastas,

gorgeous pesce, and all sort of delectable looking wonders.

The reason I was there was specific, dessert at the Nutella Bar!

The beloved Italian chocolate hazelnut spread has a dedicated space in the food court with an enticing menu. Crepes, waffles, gelato, pastries, coffee…it’s all a dream.

Open daily from 9AM-11PM.

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