Revisiting childhood in Time Square at Kellogg’s NYC

Sometimes I crave poptarts. Is it the actual food I want or the feeling? I’ll walk down the aisles of the grocery store and long for simpler days where I didn’t scan ingredients for devious components and all there was to do on a weekend morning was watch cartoons. How can you transport yourself back in time without forsaking the righteous adult who you have become? It’s easy, just head to Time Square. A small and discreet storefront, Kellogg’s NYC [1600 Broadway, New York, NY 10019] holds a land of innocent sugary wonder.

Yes, the company that fueled your childhood has manifested right in New York City and their creations include elevated cereal bowls, homemade poptarts, milkshakes, and more. You order at the counter (Tip! credit cards only) and your items playfully appear behind a numbered door.

I wasn’t here for breakfast, so no eggo sandwiches or bowls of fruit loops for me – though I’ll hurry back and try them sometime. It was the dessert hour and I had a berry wild milkshake on my mind. Vanilla ice cream, blueberry jam, strawberries, milk, and whipped cream with two of my favorite poptarts parts nestled on top as the crowning jewel.

I could almost hear the power puff girls in my head and feel the constraint of onesies on my toes. This milkshake is magic. It isn’t just the memory of a childhood poptart, but that working with a seriously decadent dessert. I was shocked that it wasn’t a gimmick playing on my heartstrings and how awesome it truly turned out to be. The price tag of the milkshakes are hefty, but you’re in the heart of NYC. I also tried a homemade poptart composed of cereals, strawberry slurry, and coconut shreds which may not have been so pretty on the outside, but man! It was warm and scrumptious.

Aaand a fruit loops donut, couldn’t resist its call (worth it!).

Reminisce and make new memories too on your next trip to NYC.

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