Favorite spots to grab a drink in St Petersburg, Florida

Cage Brewing, 2001 1st Ave S, St. Petersburg FL 33712

There are tons of breweries in and around St Pete, but Cage was our favorite of all. Before we even talk about beer, let’s jive about the atmosphere – because it’s the vision of my happy place. I dig the lights, the spacey paint job, and that there is some good ole’ corn hole on the patio.

Inside there is local art covering the walls, foosball, Ms. Pacman (it was here I got my first replay on this game – didn’t even know that was possible before hand!), a few other arcade games, a chess set, and even two pinball machines – all on free play!

Some really nice perks that make you want to hang out regardless of what you’re drinking…but now let’s talk about the beer. There is a large variety with some whacky flavors and names.

My ultimate favorite was the peanut butter beer – funny thing was I didn’t even want to order it. Jeff loves peanut butter so I was just going to let him have it to himself, but once I tasted it I was hooked! I don’t love peanut butter…or beer really, but I would drink a whole pint of this amazing concoction. Dead on flavor, no hint of bitterness, a just really good brew. So they have righteous flavor profiles, the chai and mango were perfection as well. With one more choice, I left flavored beers in exchange for Galaxy Cat…it was everything you’d hope for. Great vibe, great beer, great times – we were happy to come back again and again.

The Bends, 919 1st Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33705

My definition of a perfect dive bar. No sign really, just follow the finger pointing you in.

More strings of lights, looking like twinkling stars. Fun local art and bar stools in the front room.

In the back room there is glamorous décor

and whatdoyaknow…? pinball machine! Another favorite hang out spot in St. Pete.

Grassroots Kava, 957 Central Ave, St. Petersburg FL 33705

I was beginning to see the name ‘kava’ pop up everywhere, and with a storefront dedicated to it smack in the middle of downtown – it was time to try a new drink. After letting the owner know it was our first time, he taught us about the history hailing from Fiji and usage for the drink with its relaxing effects. He whipped us up a bowl on the house, it gives a bit of a numbing sensation – but I didn’t mind it and didn’t find unenjoyable. You can however add other ingredients to make the drink taste different if you don’t feel the same way! We were told the full effect of the drink isn’t noticeable on the first drink, so maybe it was psychosomatic, but I felt calm. It was a different experience and I’d be interested in trying it again to see if it is a much different sensation.

Florida Orange Groves Winery, 1500 Pasadena Ave S, South Pasadena, FL 33707

Not technically in St Pete, but close by on the way to the beaches there is a lovely winery with some exotic flavored libations, 43 varieties of wine that taste great! They offer a very generous free tasting and we got to try so many of their obscure drinks including a spicy tomato, orange wine fermented with chocolate syrup, key lime, and tropical banana.

They even gave us samples of their wine slushies, my first! Sugary, but a real sweet treat that makes you feel like you’re at a carnival.

Along with shopping for bottles, there is an extensive gift shop to bring souvenirs for friends back home. If you’re looking for a great meal close by, try out Ted Peters Famous Smoked Fish!

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