Exploring Homestead, Florida

Nestled between Miami and the Florida Keys is the city of Homestead, filled with an array of really eclectic things to do. You can…

+Hop on line for a delicious cinnamon roll from Knaus Berry Farm

+Discover exotic fruits and drink them in a shake Robert is Here

+Forage for exotic fruits at Fruit and Spice Park

+Take a tour and learn some floral facts at RF Orchids

+Venture out on the Biscanye National Park boat tour

+Tour the impressive Coral Castle, built by one man

+Hunt for tree snails and hummingbirds at Castellow Hammock Park

+Grab a solid dinner at Shiver’s BBQ

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  1. Brad Nixon says:

    I’m glad to encounter the Coral Castle in your post. I’d read about it many years ago. Thanks again for visiting Under Western Skies.

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