Donuts of Hollywood, Florida

Dandee Donuts, 102 N 28th Ave, Hollywood, FL 33020

With all the hip places cropping up, you can forget how good a traditional donut tastes. This old school spot delivers stellar donuts without the bells and whistles.You could just sit here with a cup of coffee and a donut and feel local. I tried a sour cream donut here for the first time and it was stellar. The walnut bar was something else I’ve never had, but became a classic in my mind.

Wish I could have tried their breakfast, I have a feeling it would be solid.

Mojo Donuts

The opposite side of the spectrum, this is a trendy donut shop! But man – who can resist donuts with French fries or fruity pebbles on them?! The selection was over the top and I loved it! Crème Brule, watermelon basil, and breakfast-y yogurt donuts…my eyes and taste buds were popping out of control.

There are other locations in Miami if you’re staying down there. You can get whatever donut suits your taste in Hollywood, Florida….or ALL of them.

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  1. Ahhhhh looks so good! I definitely need to get some donuts this weekend…

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