Visit Davie, Florida for flamingos, PhenNOMeNOM, and hiking!

Davie, Florida is a bit more off the beaten path and local – probably because it doesn’t touch the coastline. It’s just a few minutes away from Fort Lauderdale and it’s got some really cool spots for an afternoon of post-beach fun!

Flamingo Garden, 3750 S Flamingo Rd, Davie, FL 33330

One part botanical garden, one part wildlife sanctuary, on the whole completely awesome. The gardens are filled with beautiful flowers and amazing trees.

Some of the trees are ‘champion trees’ – the tallest of their kind in the state.

Lately I’ve become more disenchanted with zoos, often feeling more depression than pleasure when visiting. This is the kind of place that rehabilitates and releases or gives a second chance to those that cannot be released because of injuries sustained in the wild.

The extra cool thing is the offspring of these animals are released into the wild to help the species. One was actually released, but won’t leave…I saw it hopping around the grounds! Adorable and clever, it knows where the food source is.

So you can still see amazing animals like panthers, black bears, and birds of prey – without feeling bad that they aren’t running free (because they wouldn’t survive out there).

So let’s get down to why you’re really here – for the namesake bird! There is a whole area filled with pretty pink plumes, and you can feed them! Bring quarters or the bar can break dollars for change – you can feed them, it is so fun.

They are very gentle and they eat upside down. Just be careful for the every stalking ibis, who are not so gentle. There are other exotic birds walking around such as peacocks and Egyptian geese. Also a free flight bird aviary with a lot of variety including pelicans and roseate spoonbills.

There are wildlife educational shows with rotating stars, on my visit it was a screech owl, box turtle, and possum (named Heather!). What we didn’t see, but you can if you have time – is the historic home and tram ride!

After the gardens you take a nearby hike at any of these three excellent parks in Broward County (free during the week!) located in Davie:

+Vista View for Florida burrowing owls and HILLS

+Long Key Natural Area for a lovely lily filled pond

+Tree tops Park for miles of magical forest trails

PheNOMeNOM Nitrogen Ice Cream and Bake Shop, Tower Shops, 2272 S University Dr, Davie, FL 33324

Super well rounded, this place does both ice cream and cookies PERFECTLY. They’re into the nitrogen trend so it’s made fresh and never has been in a freezer.

It’s executed supremely and comes out so smooth. Flavors look like cake batter, nutella, and dulche de leche. Add ins called ‘noms’ include nila wafers, pretzels, cinnamon toast crunch, and fresh whipped cream.

Their hot and gooooey good cookies are a MUST, I really wouldn’t know what I’d do if I had to choose between the two!

Life can have difficult choices, but no matter what you choose here it’ll prove to be phenomenal.

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