Drinking around Fort Lauderdale, Florida

LauderAle Brewery, 3305 SE 14th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Finding this place was kind of a funny story. We were on a hunt to see the wild monkeys of Dania Beach and heard they were at the Park ‘N Go [1101 Eller Dr, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316]. YES Florida has wild monkeys! But they are contained and don’t really affect the environment so no one has done anything to get rid of them. We talked to a staff member and if he didn’t verbally confirm it, the bag of bananas hanging off of his booth would have! Unfortunately we didn’t see any of the monkeys, even though he showed us the CUTEST picture of the BABY MONKEYS. Ugh. Depressed from not seeing any monkeys, we saw this brewery on our way home and it turned out to be a really awesome consolation prize.The vibe was very hometown, Jeff got to have a beer and I had some small batch wine.

There is a great outdoor patio where you can play cornhole or PLAY PING PONG – my favorite!

Funky Buddha Brewery, 1201 NE 38th St, Oakland Park, FL 33334

We saw their beer when grocery shopping at Publix and were stoked to see that the brewery with the funky name was nearby. This is a big and popular brewery, but it’s still eclectic and cute.

I loved all the Buddha taps, the budda flight holder, and fun beer flavors such as sweet potato casserole and strawberry shortcake wheat wine.

I grabbed a random game from the shelf because, exploding kittens, and we had a blast.

Another Castle, 1242 NE 38th St Oakland Park, FL 33334

Crazy gaming nostalgia mixed with beer (even Mortal Kombat beer), count me in.

The walls are lined with emulators which allow you to play all your favorite games for various systems such as Super Nintendo and Sega.

They also the newest systems as well. Grab your beer, grab your controller, and your only problem is deciding Sonic the Hedgehog or Mario Bros?

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