Night Owl Cookies, Miami Florida

I didn’t only eat ice cream and donuts in Miami, that would be absurd. I ate cookies too! Night Owl Cookies [10742 SW 24th St, Miami, FL 33165] was packed with a lot of college kids and people waiting to pick up UberEATS orders. I wish I had a place like this by my campus, but it’s probably better I didn’t! The mural on the wall was cute, and distracted me while I waited to see the display case.

It’s hard to choose with so many good combos! The Ave Maria is a MUST get, guava cookie dough, Maria cookies, white chocolate trips, and a cream cheese drizzle. Oh yes. These guys have hopped on the nostalgic cereal train, and I’m all about that. The cinnamon toast crunch cookie was snickerdoodly good. The nutella filled Dirty Diana is their signature – worth trying, and smores is always a winner in my book.

As night owls are the shop is open late for whenever you need your sugar fix, and there is a private parking lot.

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    Ooh they were 🙂

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