Watch Jai Alai in Miami, Florida

It’s the world’s fastest game and you may never have heard of it. Jai Alai isn’t very common in the United States, but more popular in Latin America. However, you can discover the sport at Casino Miami [3500 NW 37th Ave, Miami, FL 33142] and watch matches for free.

How often is it that you get to experience a completely new sport? Wikipedia was great for clearing up any questions to help you understand the game.

You can bet to make things more interesting. You can enjoy the amazing old Cuban men screaming in Spanish at the players.

Comically, they reminded me of my grandpa who used to come here and bet back in the day. Perfect rainy day activity or to get out of the sun and heat – games are played everyday except Tuesday, check the website for times.

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2 Responses to Watch Jai Alai in Miami, Florida

  1. julieovaltrades says:

    Glad the post brought some memories back, thanks for stopping by. Love your nature shots!

  2. Brad Nixon says:

    What a kick to read about jai-lai. I went to a fronton in Tampa about 40 years ago. I was never extremely comfortable with the notion of betting on a live game played by humans, right there, but it was a treat to see. Thanks very much for your interest in Under Western Skies.

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