The Snowbird Life: Three months in Florida

This winter I escaped the usual snow and cold temperatures of New York and retreated to Florida just like a snowbird! In the state I learned about birds I never knew existed, ate bizarre and wonderful fruits, and learned deeply about a world outside of my native Northeast.

Florida is huge, but I wanted to get a good feeling for the whole peninsula so I split up my time in three spots to best explore the area. I spent a month in South Florida based in between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, a month on the Gulf Coast in the wonderfully cool little city of St Petersburg, and a few weeks up north in Jacksonville. I’m hoping to explore the Panhandle next winter!


What I loved:

+The most incredible Cuban food

+Endless things to do in a big city

+Access to Florida Keys and Everglades

What I won’t miss:

+Serious traffic and paying for parking everywhere

St Petersburg

What I loved:

+Best beach I have ever been to, nothing like the Gulf

+Excellent hiking, paddling, and wildlife viewing

+A small city done right with well cultivated museums, shops, and activities

What I won’t miss:

+The food scene wasn’t as elaborate as bigger cities


What I loved:

+The ability to hop over the border to another state, Georgia

+Plentiful free beach parking

+Less touristy than other parts of Florida

What I won’t miss:

+The CRAZY road system

This was my first time living outside of NY and it was an interesting cultural change, even though there are a lot of other northern transplants. Over the next few weeks I will be going over my favorite beaches, restaurants, day trips, and all the hidden gems I discovered. Stay tuned!

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