Experience the Magic Water Circuit, Lima Peru

Exceeds expectations. But really, why wouldn’t the worlds largest fountain complex be amazing?! Lima’s Magic Water Circuit has a split personality, and you’re going to want to get to know both of them. By day you can walk around the thirteen fountains and cool off, bring a bathing suit!

One of my favorite fountains was a topiary teapot spouting into a cup.

You may notice the meticulously cared for trees

and plenty of parrots perched atop.

Sunset isn’t the only thing that will brighten your world.

At dusk people were still playing in the water, but I’d bring a sweater because it can get chilly.

By nightfall the fountains are illuminated in a truly magical fashion. The darkening sky created crazy colorful illusions, these pictures are not altered in any way.

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Walk around the circuit and see the same fountains in a new light.

Be sure to find a spot for the Fantasy Fountain Show which happens a few times a night. It is truly spectacular and unexpected. The fountain is lit up, like all of the others, in a rainbow of excitement.

However it goes further, and as classic Peruvian music is played a laser display the country’s culture is imposed on the water.

From the jungle, to the desert, and the mountains – every inch is represented.

I was very impressed. The attraction is great for kids, romantic couples, and people of all ages. It was mostly a local crowd, but there was a sprinkling of backpacker looking folk. You can purchase snacks like churros and tickets are under $2. This was a highlight of our time in Lima, a truly unique and delightful experience.

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