Visiting the Larco Museum, Lima Peru

Everyone and their mother knows about the Inca Empire. Have you ever heard of the Moche, the Wari, or the Chimu? They laid the foundation for the Inca who would unite the region. If you and would like to know more about rich cultural history of Pre-Columbian Peru, the Larco Museum gives an informative tale through art. The building itself holds history. The museum was founded in 1926, but it was an 18th century vice-royal mansion, and before that a 7th century pyramid. There are bodaciously colorful flowers creeping up the walls and a lush little garden space.

Inside you will walk through an exhibit of pottery in chronological order with with the history of 4,000 years. From soulful pottery portraits,

and strange sculptures,

every piece tells a cultural tale. The hand-like work shows sacrificed individuals falling from mountaintops before the eyes of a deity. Larco is well known for its collection of erotic pottery, housed in the lower level beside the garden.

Much of it is more NSFW than the picture above! The pottery collection is extensive, but there is more than clay. Some interesting textiles including quipu works caught my eye. Quipu was an Inca record made of colored threads and knots to communicate throughout the empire.

There is also an impressive gold and silver collection from Ancient Peru with a magnificent headdress.

You can easily spend a couple of hours looking at everything inside the museum and come away with a greater history of the Peruvian culture.

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  1. I love the Larco Museum! Have been twice! I think the erotic pottery display is so intriguing, and the open archive is to die for.

  2. julieovaltrades says:

    Glad you got to be back there for a moment! You know even after seeing the sign, I have been calling it Largo haha. Thanks for calling that to my attention I’ll fix it.

  3. We LOVED this museum and could have stayed much longer had hunger not overtaken us. We’re so glad you got to enjoy it, too. It was fun “revisiting” as we recognized a lot of our favorite pieces in your post. By the way, the name of the museum is Larco, not Largo.

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