Where to get Ceviche in Lima, Peru

The one thing you need to eat in Peru is ceviche, raw fish cured in citrus juices. If I’m going to be eating raw fish I’d prefer to do it by the sea where it should be nice and fresh, so I saved this meal for my time in Lima. El Ceviche De Ronald was packed with locals, so much so that you’ll be sitting almost on top of your neighbor.

No English spoken here or on the menu. The owner one a reality tv show by having the best street food ceviche and was awarded a store-front. I went for the classic ceviche which came with accompaniments such as calamari, potato, and corn. It was a very large and filling plate, the fish was spicy and delicious.

It’s a bit off the beaten path, but if you’re looking for some killer ceviche in Lima this is your spot.

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