Huaca Pucllana, Peru

A pyramid, in Peru? It’s true. Right in the heart of Miraflores is an archeological treasure Huaca Pucllana, with a fantastic historical tour.

This was the center of Lima culture around 500AD, it’s interesting to see the juxtaposition of yesterday and today.

The site was a center for religious and administrative purposes. The priests would control the water supply, give offerings, and make sacrifices, it’s is a large complex.

Each brick was formed by hand, made of mud and mixed in a basket. They are constructed in a vertical manner, side by side, with spaces between them to withstand earthquakes.

Over time different cultures, including the Wari, would take over Pucllana and they used it to bury their noble. Multiple mummies and offerings were found within the walls.

Excavation is still going on today, who knows what else may be discovered!

A restaurant sits beside the ruins with the best ambiance you can ask for, if you’re looking for a convenient meal afterwards.

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    This is so cool. What an amazing place to visit.

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