El Malecon cliffside walk in Miraflores, Peru

The Garden City is filled with different parks, but who doesn’t love a stroll beside the sea? El Malecon stands tall beside the Pacific Ocean and the gentle breeze comforts Lima’s morning joggers taking on the six mile path.

With coffee in hand we strolled, but if you’re into a faster pace consider renting a bike. If you’re feeling even more adventurous, try parasailing from this scenic spot.

The path includes sporadic sculptures, none more popular than the couple of lovers at Parque de Amor.

Not far off is the Lighthouse of Miraflores, built in 1900 standing 350+ feet above the sea.

If you’re a birder keep your eyes peeled, along with song birds and sea birds there are a lot of vultures in Lima. Most people think they are ugly, but I happened to think the black vulture looked very noble perched on the cliff.

As the sun rises higher in the sky, it gets hot in the city. This is the perfect time to find an access point to the ocean for a dip.

The beach is pebbly, but the water is refreshing. There were a bunch of surfers out and a few people taking a dip! I wish I had my suit on, I would have joined them.

If you visit on a clear day and you look far off into the horizon, you will notice some islands.

One was home to a prison, another the Peruvian president’s summer house, and yet another a colony of penguins, boat tours are available. While I visited in the early morning, I think sunset would have been just as lovely – if not more so to watch the sun dip below the Pacific.

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