How to spend a day in Miraflores, Lima Peru

Miraflores is the most tourist friendly section of Lima where most people choose to stay while visiting the city, but this doesn’t mean the area is devoid of Peruvian culture. While we did delve into other neighborhoods, most of our time in Lima was spent here. Over the next few days I will elaborate on my favorite spots, stay tuned.

+El Malecon is a cliff side ocean walk, perfect for a morning stroll, there are access points to reach the Pacific Ocean for a dip

+If you don’t have time to do the full six miles of the ocean walk, be sure to make a pit-stop at Parque de Amor to see a larger than life sculpture of lovers entwined

+Peruvians eat a lot of bread, and it is always delicious, but no so more than at Panadería El Pan De La Chola – a perfect breakfast spot

+Parque Kennedy is a must for cat lovers, there are tons of them in the trees and flower beds, all up for adoption

+Sweet tooth? Head to Manolo for churros and Tejas y chocolajes for some local bonbons

+There are plenty of upscale places to shop around the neighborhood, but if you’re looking for souvenirs Centro Artesanal Miraflores has rows of shops on Av. Petit Thouars to test out your bargaining skills

+Huaca Pucllana is a great history lesson and has a restaurant right beside the ruins if you’re looking for a convenient dinner option with an amazing view

If I had more time?

+Go parasailing over the Pacific Ocean!

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