Eat potatoes at Hatunpa, Arequipa Peru

This is my childhood fantasy: a restaurant based on potatoes. The motif doesn’t come out of nowhere, Peruvians have cultivated thousands of potato variations. I was the pickiest eater as a kid, but I would eat anything potato with gusto. Who knows, Peru might have been my favorite place to eat, but either way I’m glad I got to indulge my inner-kid at Hatunpa in Arequipa.

It’s the word for Quechua big potato, and you better believe you’re going to be getting a lot of your favorite starch. Your place consists of a base of potatoes, you can upgrade to a special dish to get native potatoes, and choose your specific topping. Top your potatoes with alpaca or go for chicken, beef, tuna, or simply veggies. No matter what you choose, I really don’t think you can go wrong here. When our heaping pile of fresh veggies and cheese

and saucy chicken came out, we dove on into the delicious plate.

This is definitely a more unique and playful restaurant on the scene – a break from the traditional and upscale restaurants!

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2 Responses to Eat potatoes at Hatunpa, Arequipa Peru

  1. julieovaltrades says:

    Haha, put it on the top of the list for next time in Arequipa!

  2. Anna says:

    Aww I missed a potato restaurant!! I’ll have to visit here if I ever get back to Arequipa.

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