Ice Cream with a view: Exploring Yanahuara, Peru

Yanahuara is quiet neighborhood a short walk from the historic district in Arequipa. Up the gentle hill and under the arch is a special square that feels so far from the city. Try your luck at catching a glimpse of El Misti, but remember you can learn a lot from a name.

The view is stunning regardless of the cloud cover. Stroll further to admire the ornate architecture of the church.

The biggest draw for me was a chance to taste queso helado, or, cheese ice cream. Funny thing about it is, sometimes a name can completely mislead you! There is no cheese in this ice cream, I can assure you because I watched the lady make it!

It doesn’t taste cheesy either, just perfectly refreshing, bursting with vanilla and a hint of cinnamon.

By the time we were finished with our ice cream, we were treated to the clouds lifting off the summit.

A peek at the snowy peak of El Misti. If you are looking for a great meal before you head up or after coming down from the square, there is a fantastic Picatneria sitting right at the base of the hill.

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