Eat at a Picanteria, Arequipa Peru

Lunch at a picanteria is a true Arequipan tradition. They’re only open during the day and have a set menu including a daily soup and an entrée. Picantería La Dorita sits at the base of the hill on your way to the Yanahuara neighborhood, stop in for a bite.

Unassuming on the outside, filled with life within. A relaxed atmosphere and delicious food draws locals and few tourists in the know alike.

There are no English menus here, so hope your Spanish is up to par, feel adventurous, or whip out Google Translates. Start with a glass of chicha and kernels, you can never have enough corn derivatives.

There were two soups to choose from and an array of entrees, Jeff picked the soup and picked the entrée – there was plenty enough food for splitting. The soup was filled with huge hunks of soft yucca and stewed meat. It was very satisfying. The entrée was a pastel de papa, a different kind of potato cake that was exquisite! A crispy top with so many creamy layers, savory, yet a hint of something sweet maybe nutmeg, and a spicy green sauce to pull it all together.

This would have been the place to get cuy (guinea pig) if I could have pushed myself to do so, but even without it my meal was memorable and delicious enough!

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