Mercado San Camilo, Arequipa Peru

Wander from the historic center of Arequipa for a bit of daily local life. Behind the bright blue walls is a two level market with endless rows, seemingly bigger on the inside!

The metallic smell of blood from a freshly butchered carcass, a slippery red stained floor. Bowls of chicken heads, feet, strings of intestines. I’ve been to many markets around the world, but the Mercado San Camilo is definitely one I’ll never forget – a real merry-go-round for the senses.

You can get anything you need here and a lot of things you don’t. There is a really wide selection of fruit with some nice exotic choices.

A colorful selection of potatoes (remember Peru has thousands of variations!),

Gorgeous cheese,

And some of the best olives you’ve ever eaten.

For a quick tasty snack be sure to grab papas rellenas (fried stuffed potatoes) from the vendor outside.

Go forth and gobble up the fine food and culture of Peru.

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  1. That market looks cleaner than many I have been to in South America. Looks like fun!

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