Visiting Moray ruins in the Sacred Valley, Peru

Variety is the spice of life, and we may have the ancient scientists who worked at Moray (meaning ‘dried corn’) to thank for that. Another spot on the Sacred Valley trail, these peculiar ruins are shrouded in questions and mild mystery. The agricultural terraces look like a Roman amphitheater, the steps heading down about 100 feet.

The different levels have their own microclimates ranging in 15 degrees temperature from top to bottom. Were the Incas using these terraces as an agricultural laboratory? That’s the consensus, I mean, these guys did develop thousands of different kinds of potatoes and over a hundred variations of corn. The different climates would provide a platform for the scientists to experiment with optimal vegetation growth. Either way, the unique bowl of ruins are beautiful to look at and climb about. Use your Boleto Turístico to visit.

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