Exploring the neighborhood of San Blas, Cusco Peru

Up the hill and quiet, that’s just where I like to be. Our home base in Cusco was the San Blas neighborhood away from the bars and Starbucks below. Waking up to the view from my AIRBNB made each morning magical.

Evening sunsets were pretty spectacular too.

Here the buildings are white washed, the cobblestone stairs will beat your feet – but you’ll thank them for their beauty,

and each door has a distinct soul, many of them sing the blues.

The square is quaint and serene, framed in mountains – quite the opposite from the hectic Plaza De Armas.

I love this area for its real galleries that aren’t pushing a million llama magnets, but a few selections of local art.

I adored the little bakeries and restaurants, but even more so the San Blas Market. It’s probably the only place in Peru I didn’t bring my camera, but I had to shoot a ‘cheers’ on my phone to the BEST café con leche on the planet I had here.

Even if you don’t stay in San Blas, it is just a walk up the hill away from the main historic area of Cusco. Put on a good pair of shoes and wander around, it’s easy to get lost and find something wonderful here.

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