Plaza de Armas, Cusco Peru

The heart of Cusco can be found in its historic main square filled with grand architecture. Plaza de Armas is a sight you must see, with its beautiful ancient churches, flowerbeds, and intricate woodwork on windows and balconies.

The statues and fountains are epic,

there are plenty more to admire if you look in streets leading towards the square.

You might see a falcon flying about if you linger, soaring and perching on the highest spot atop a church.

I’m not one for taking historic building or church tours, or sitting still, so I never really know what to do in a square other than take a quick walk about. I did have practical business to attend to here, so it was two birds with one stone. I researched tour a company online prior to visiting and I needed to get my voucher which was right off of the square. I would advise researching before visiting, and I will certainly give out my recommendations for tour companies in the following days – but if you want to wing it this is the place to book tours leaving from Cusco. There are hawkers and many storefronts dedicated to tourism, so you’re sure to find transportation going anywhere you’re looking for from here!

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