Milk, Los Angeles

If you want to satisfy everyone in a group’s dessert craving, there is one place that has it all. Oftentimes when a restaurant tries its hand at too many tricks they will fall short. Milk [7290 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90036] is a rare breed, an exceedingly well rounded sweet shop packaged in a perfect art deco building.

The only problem is, what to choose? Their vibrant homemade ice cream caught my eye, they also offer shakes, malts, floats, cookies, and cakes. How to best enjoy it all? I was in luck splitting two options with Jeff. We went for an ice cream sandwich and a sundae. You can choose two homemade cookies and your ice cream or go with a trendy macaron ice cream sandwich. The latter has some really interesting premade flavors such as Thai tea and fruity pebbles. We were traveling all autumn and missed pumpkin picking, so we scored a little slice of home in this sandwich.

The trend is hot for a reason, the macarons were soft and crackling, a lovely base for that excellent ice cream. Next on the agenda, the famous warm ooey gooey chocolate sundae. Oh this was dreamy. We got to try the melt in your mouth cookies topped with coconut ice cream, chocolate sauce, and coconut shavings.

It tasted like a decadent island vacation in a cup and kept us dreaming of LA, long after we were gone.

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