Walking the Venice Canals, Los Angeles

Ahh Venice. The canals, the bridges, the history…it’s an otherworldly place to visit. So lovely that places around the world would model its very structure. In 1905 a neighborhood in Los Angeles did just that and the birth of the Venice Canals [Dell Ave off of S Venice Blvd, Venice CA] came to be.

Strolling in this peaceful place my mind summoned crossing the Rialto Bridge, but wait – that’s a palm tree.

Similar, yet a world away – these canals have their own California flair. Take a walk to get away from the crowds and enter a small community with gorgeous homes. Admiring the unique architecture and interesting gardens is part of the fun. I appreciated the clever gardens that don’t have grass and integrate plants that don’t require a lot of water.

I loved the array of blossoms including bird of paradise flower, plumeria (best smell!), pink aloe, and strange succulents.

You’re sure to find nature here, birds are attracted to this water.

I saw an osprey catch a fish RIGHT in front of us. I’ve seen countless osprey hunting and catching fish, but never this close in range! Another hunter was there – the egret.

I really loved exploring this neighborhood, serene in the morning, adding a special element to the day. Many people plan on seeing Venice Beach – it is very close to the canals. I did go last year, but I had a pretty bad foot injury (a bee stung my ankle whilst hiking, and it blew up!). This year I was able to enjoy the visit much more. I walked the length of the beach,

saw some plovers,

went out to the pier,

found more street art,

weird and awesome homes,

and the worlds smallest front yard!

So when visiting Venice Beach, check out the Venice Canals, or vice-versa for a great half day excursion.

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