Revolutionario North African Tacos, Los Angeles

I’ve eaten many tacos in LA, but the two inhaled at Revolutionario: North African Tacos [1436 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90007] were the most unique and memorable of them all.

A low key hole in the wall offers some interesting varieties you probably have never tried before like pozole tagine and black eyed pea falafel. The wall with the silly taco themed quotes was entertaining during our quick wait for food. I especially loved seeing one of my favorite poets, Pablo Neruda made the scene.

My chickpea tagine with spinach and sweet potatoes along side the cilantro yogurt chicken came out quickly. I also made one a grilled cheese taco, creating quite a hardy meal.

Load up on the sauces and condiments of your own choosing up at the bar.

Man, these were flavorful, fresh, and scrumptious. Don’t stop at the tacos. You HAVE to get a brik, a North African savory pastry – stuffed with scrambled eggs and peppers, fried leaving a delicately lacy exterior – this was to die for.

And something from the other side of the world (Peruvian AND Japanese) was on the menu – yellowtail ceviche? Everything was so good, I was game, and it delivered.

Definitely one of the best ceviches I’ve eaten outside of Peru. If your order comes to $15+ you’ll get a free bag of chips, which are homemade and as addictive as everything else I ate here.

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