Hiking around East Bay SF: Sobrante Regional Preserve

A quiet residential park holds an uncommon treasure: a rare strand of Alameda Manzanita trees. The trees remain at Sobrante Regional Preserve [Coach Dr Richmond, CA 94803] because of the fog that spills over the hills and tempers the summer’s heat. It is a small park with about 3 miles of hiking trails in all including some decent hills and matching lovely vistas.

There were plenty of birds and a few people walking their dogs early in the morning.

These remains were a clue that larger creatures are certainly lurking about.

Follow the little trail marker to hop on to the Manzanita trail, the little offshoot which is much different from the rest of the land.

Descend onto the dark shaded path and watch the colors change before your eyes,

a deep red tree wavy and whimsical.

Well worth the visit for the unique trees, gorgeous views,

great fresh air and exercise.

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