Best of Desserts of SF: Benkyodo Co

Located in the heart of Japantown is a seriously authentic mochi spot.

Open since 1906, Benkyodo Co [1747 Buchanan St, San Francisco, CA 94115] is one of the oldest Japanese establishments in San Francisco and has the history to go along with it.

I loved the atmosphere of this quaint neighborhood hang out, it has an old school diner feel.

I wasn’t here for ambiance alone, however, the dessert is of course what I was after. The daily hand-made mochi is absolutely exceptional. Each pillow-y piece is a dream. Towards the end of the day the variety was dwindling, no blueberry or strawberry, but there were still plenty of tempting options.

I went with the kinako which has red bean paste + crushed soybean sprinkled on top and the pink habutai filled with lima bean paste.

So soft and delicious, a special little afternoon treat.

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