Eat your way through San Francisco: Cuisine of Nepal

One of my favorite things to do whilst traveling is try new ethnic foods, you never know where immigrants will settle and bring their unique cuisine. I found out there was a highly rated Nepalese restaurant in San Francisco, I’ve never that that kind of food before so I was excited to give it a go. While eating at Cuisine of Nepal [3486 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110] I found a lesson in geography.

The influence of the bordering countries really shines through in the food – many Indian and Chinese aspects blending to create an individualized taste. The restaurant is cozy, I called ahead to make reservations so there was no wait. The menu was helpful in choosing dishes because it highlights “neighborhood favorites” and “specialties.” We started with the pork momos, which were a perfect harmony of the region in my eyes. Chinese like dumplings with Indian like curry dipping sauce, a delicious blend.

For our meal we split two of the touted dishes. The kukhurako ledo is a chicken cashew cream curry flame roasted in a clay oven, it was tender and flavorful.

The veggie curry pharsi is a traditional butternut squash curry which was exceptional. You can order the meals a la carte simply with naan and rice or combo with the aforementioned – plus lentils, veggies, and tomato chili chutney sauce which were all fantastic.

This comforting food is best eaten on a brisk SF evening!

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