Eat your way through San Francisco: El Farolito Taqueria

My mission? To get a Mission Style burrito in San Francisco. They are distinguished from other burritos by size, so be sure to have an appetite when undertaking this work. Where is the best burrito joint in a town full of um? Everyone will have their own say, but you bet your bottom dollar that El Farolito Taqueria [2779 Mission St San Francisco, CA 94110] is going to be on a lot of those lists.

This is a no frills joint, order up front and wait to listen for your number, cash only.

There are enough tables, hit the salsa bar and crunch on some chips until your food is ready.

But don’t eat too many chips, remember, this is a mission burrito. I was overcome with shock when I saw the size of this beast. Massively heavy, destructively delicious.

It’s like holding a small child in your hands, especially if you’re like the Greek mythological titan Cronus, who eats babies. This will be a very affordable meal that you can definitely stretch into leftovers, under $8 for a SUPER burrito (rice, beans, sour cream, avocado, cheese, salsa, any meat) and under $7 for a regular burrito (rice, beans, salsa, any meat) – perfect place for a budget traveler. They are open late, there is no better place to come after a night of drinks on the town.

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