Painted Ladies, Lombard St, & Architecture of SF

Every house in San Francisco is unique, it’s one of my favorite aspects about the city. Some of the homes have rounded rooms,

others with cones at the top.

there are bright beach pads,

all different colors and shades,

those with big bay windows,

and adorable gingerbread boxes.

There is a particularly popular row of houses that was flashed in the opening credits of the show Full House called the Painted Ladies [701-799 Steiner St San Francisco, CA 94117 Alamo Square].

They were created in the Victorian style and are painted with multiple colors highlighting their fine details. Another home of interest to visit the Grateful Dead house [710 Ashbury St, San Francisco, CA 94117] if you are a fan of the band, it is beautifully gilded and embellished.

An additional unmistakable element of the city’s design are the steep hills. They afford fantastic views when you get to the top, but they make parking quite difficult. Famous Lombard Street is borderline ridiculous, any tourist with a rental should take a quick drive down the curvaceous road.

You have to start from the top and spiral your way down to the base.

There is also the option to walk up or down if you don’t have a car. Between the distinctive architecture and the nature of the rolling streets, wandering through San Francisco is truly a special treat.

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    This post read like a childrens book (in a good way!)

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