Mosaic Stairways of San Francisco

A piñata of colorful surprises, San Francisco never ceases to amaze the curious. Since the city is so hilly, it needs a lot of staircases. There are a couple that are more than just a handy resource of gaining elevation, but you’d only find them if you went out looking for them, secreted away on residential streets. The Hidden Garden Steps [16th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122] are positively dazzling.

Climbing up each flight is a new image,

just as beautiful as the last.

I couldn’t stop smiling and thinking, what SF always makes me think, there need to be more places like this in the world.

I normally skip two steps at a time, rushing to get to the top. Here I found myself making each one last, savoring all of the fine details.

Along the sides of the stairs are a beautiful arrangement of plants and flowers, with accompanying flitter of hummingbirds!

When you get to the top you’re quite high and you can spy a pretty pink church.

You’d be amiss to stop here. Keep going down 16th Ave, because there is more to see, including picture perfect homes.

You can’t miss Golden Gate Heights Mosaic Stairway, it’s starry-night like sea swirls call right out to you.

This stairway comes with its own set of pristine succulents and blossoms.

Climbing up the sea turns to sky. A silver moon

and a golden sun lit up my world.

Once your at the top if you think that’s all there is you’ve got another thing coming.

You’ll notice there is a green space way up here, and if you know anything about me I can’t resist a park. Keep walking around until you reach a third staircase, and although it isn’t quite as pretty as the rest give it a climb. This is Grandview Park and the view is sublime

in every single


I shared my perch with proud hawk, we both were admiring the vantage point.

All of this excitement in just half a mile, but it’s a steep one. Now you’ve got your cardio done for the day, it’s all downhill from here.

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  1. julieovaltrades says:

    I feel like it is definitely a city to see over and over again, endless amounts of things to do!! Glad you got the chance to visit so many times.

  2. San Francisco is my favorite city other than my home city. I used to go once a month for a dozen years. It felt like my second home. I’ve since stopped traveling for work and I miss my visits there. Thanks for sharing such wonderful pictures!

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