Clarion Alley & Balmy Alley, San Francisco

A city is only as great as its street art, and San Francisco happens to have a phenomenal scene. Scattered around the city are fantastic works, but if you’re looking for condensed colorful alleyways covered in murals there are two specific locations. Clarion Alley is unassumingly located between busy Valencia St and Mission St.

Here are a few of my favorites from my first visit a few years back and some from this years visit.

Just over a mile away is Balmy Alley, which I hadn’t heard about years ago.

To be honest, I feel that Clarion has gone down in quality while Balmy impressed a lot more.

I loved the different styles of artists,

And recognized that some were using both alleyways.

Many of the works have political motives and stories about them, I saw a whole group taking a street art tour which could be fun – but I like making my own.

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