Daytrip from Reno, NV: Kings Canyon Waterfall

I am continually impressed by these hidden oasis’s, this time: a bountiful waterfall in the middle of a desert. Forty minutes outside of Reno is the trailhead for the Kings Canyon Waterfall [4450 Kings Canyon Rd Carson City, NV 89703].

Here you have options for a two, four, or seven mile hike. The climb up to the falls is short, under two miles, though it is a bit steep.

You’ll hear it before you see it, even during the dry time that I visited these falls were full of life!

This is the water source for Carson City so be respectful of that fact. Continuing up and around you will find more incredible views of the towns below,

and plentiful birds!

This was a very enjoyable trek.

BONUS: Lawn Art, 631 Arrowhead Dr., Carson City, NV

If you feel like stopping along the way, nestled in a residential area you’ll find some crazy creatures on the front lawn!

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